Benefits of having an agent

Many people are tempted with the idea of selling their property by themselves to save the cost of paying a real estate agent.  So what are the benefits of having or using a real estate agent to sell your home?

First, the agent will list your home in national databases that only real estate agents will have access to, like the MLS.  This means that your home will automatically appear on thousands of websites allowing hundreds and thousands of potential buyers to see it.  Second, a real estate agent will know the Chicago market better than you, they sell and list homes every day, they negotiate for a living.  Third, they know and work with all the necessary parties that is required to sell a home.  These people range from a home inspector, appraiser, to escrow agents.  Forth, they know other real estate agents and can get the word out about our property.  This is particularly important if you have a nice home which can be solve very quickly by word of month.